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MTS Nutrition Vastack Fully Loaded

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What is the MTS Nutrition Vastack Fully Loaded?

The MTS Nutrition Vastack Fully Loaded is the upgraded version of the highly popular original Vastack. The stack contains:

1 x MTS Nutrition Clash Fully Loaded

1 x MTS Nutrition Vasky 

Not a company to become complacent, MTS Nutrition have recently updated Clash to make it an even better product.

Here are some of the key ingredients found in Clash Fully Loaded

-5000mg Creapure Creatine: Clinically dosed and the finest creatine source on the market. This is well researched to increase muscle power and strength. It allows you to lift harder in the explosive efforts before fatiguing.

-3200mg Carnosyn Beta-Alanine: Increased dosage compared to the original Clash. Carnosyn Beta Alanine is the highest quality Beta Alanine available on the market and is used to buffer fatigue.

-1500mg Agmapure Agmatine Sulfate: Potent nitric oxide booster. Agmatine is very concentrated and dramatically increase nitric oxide production. 

- 2000g Betaine Anhydrous: Increases both aerobic and anaerobic metabolisms to improve endurance and exercise performance. 

- 6000mg L-Citrulline: Full, clinical dosage of this amino acid. Citrulline helps increase vasodilation, nitric oxide and arginine levels in the body. This leads to huge muscular PUMPS!

- 100mg Teacrine: This is one of the biggest additions to Clash Fully Loaded. Teacrine provides clean & high amounts of energy and you don't crash off of it.

-500mg Tyrosine: Excellent for mental focus. This assists with cognitive function so you stay focused on the task at hand.

-250mg Caffeine: Widely research as increase CNS stimulation and energy for better workouts.

Vasky is a completely stimulant and flavour free nitric oxide booster designed to be stacked with products like Clash Fully Loaded. Here is what makes up MTS Nutrition Vasky:

3000mg Taurine: This is a hydrating nutrient. It helps to pull water into the muscle cells. It also helps muscular endurance and performance. Train harder for longer before reaching fatigue.

1500mg Nitrisogine: One of the most effective nitric oxide boosters. It improves levels for significantly longer periods of time than any other products for sustained pumps throughout the workout.

This is a cutting edge ingredient and really helps to take the pumps to the next level.

HydroMax Glyercol: This the best you can get when it comes to cell hydration. This induces full,long lasting pumps. It also promotes improved cell performance.

100mg Vitamin C: A potent anti-oxidant this assists in the breakdown and utilisation of the other ingredients in the product for a more dramatic effect.


How Do I Use The Vastack Fully Loaded?

Mix 1 scoop of Clash Fully Loaded with 1 scoop of Vasky 15-30 minutes before training.


MTS Nutrition Vastack is $109.95 and has 50 serves making it $2.19/serve.


For enhanced recovery use MTS Machine Whey post-workout. Combined with MTS Nutrition Vastack this makes for a very complete workout stack.

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