Myoblox 750ml Shaker

Size: 750ml
$9.95 $12.95


Myoblox 750ml Shaker

If you love the gym life, you realize a shaker is about as important as oxygen. No workout can be completed without a pre-workout,intra-workout & post-workout supplement regime. You'll need a quality shaker cup for all of these.

These are a 750ml shaker body making them ideal for intra-workout and mixing up your shakes throughout the day. The unique thing about these performance shakers is that they have a convenient carry handle on the lid. This makes them super easy to carry around or even clip onto your backpack when heading out for the day.


  • Variety of colours
  • 750ml capacity
  • BPA free plastic

Our Thoughts

These shakers offer 100% BPA-free plastic and are leak-free so you can shake with confidence. The variety of colour options make them the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a unique shaker design to mix up their supplements.

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