Natural Gainz by JDN Supplements

Size: 4kg
Flavour: Dreamy Vanilla
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Natural Gainz by JDN Supplements

Natural Gainz by JDN Supplements is a wholefood, natural carbohydrate supplement which enables incredible athletic performance and muscle gain. While the industry standard in mass gainers is to load up on sucrose (sugars), Natural Gainz relies on whole sources to prevent the massive insulin spike associated with consuming sugary products, so you can utilize and burn the consumed energy rather than just storing it.


  • 100% natural mass gainer
  • Derived from high-quality carbohydrates
  • Facilitates unbeatable training performance
  • Enables strength and lean muscle gains

Our Thoughts

While there are a lot of products out there on the market which enables you to gain weight and muscle mass quickly, many of them do it at the expense of quality ingredients - so you sacrifice your body composition targets. Natural Gainz is different because it’s not packed with sucrose or other ingredients linked to an increase in body fat mass - meaning, when you take Natural Gainz, you can have more confidence that your muscle-building goals become a reality, and you’re not jeopardizing the health of your body long term.

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