Nexus Nutrition Per4rm + Amp3d Bundle

$139.90 $181.90


Nexus Sports Nutrition Per4m Pre Workout

Per4m by Nexus Sports Nutrition is a pre-workout powerhouse that packs 50 servings in each tub. Per4m has been strategically designed for you to do just that - perform. Each hardcore serving size has over 400mg of Caffeine to fire you up and have you ready to crush your next workout. Nexus has not stopped with the Caffeine though, with the addition of English Walnut & Bitter Orange Extract, the energy you will experience on Per4m is unrivaled.

Nexus Sports Nutrition Amp3d Pre Workout

The latest in pump pre-workouts has landed. Amp3d from Nexus has been strategically optimized to amplify blood flow, nutrient delivery & cognitive function to amplify the mind-muscle connection. Being stimulant free makes this ideal for those who like to train late at night, or do not like the effects of caffeine.

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