Nitrovol Lean Muscle by Body Science

Size: 1.5kg
Flavour: Divine Milk Chocolate
$69.95 $90.95


Nitrovol Lean Muscle Gainer by BSc

Nitrovol Lean Muscle Gainer by BSc is a delicious Hasta-certified mass gainer protein, designed to increase mass, improve strength, and enable more efficient muscle recovery. Nitrovol Lean Muscle Gainer contains a specific blend of carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids to help your body regain and restore strength lost through intense exercise.


  • High-quality lean muscle gainer
  • Targeted macro blend for mass gain and muscle recovery
  • Contains Glutamine, BCAAs, and EAAs
  • Enables strength and endurance gains

Our Thoughts

BSc is known for its performance-focused supplements and its incredible dedication to athletic results. Nitrovol Lean Muscle Gainer is no different - built to enable your best-ever body and your best ever performance, Nitrovol Lean Muscle Gainer contains a unique protein, carbohydrate, and amino acid blend to power up your training and supercharge your muscle recovery from the second you put down the weights.

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