Massacar3 by Olympus Labs

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Massacar3 by Olympus Labs

Massacar3 by Olympus Labs is a naturally formulated muscle building supplement. Designed to fuel lean fibres, promote vascularity and intense muscle pumps, and decrease myostatin levels to encourage tissue growth, Massacar3 fuses laxogenin with other innovative ingredients for the ultimate muscle-building results.


  • All-natural muscle building supplement
  • Fuels pumps and vasodilation
  • Encourages growth of lean muscle tissue
  • Anti-catabolic and decreases myostatin

Our Thoughts

Building lean muscle is probably the number one goal for athletes worldwide, so it’s no surprise that the market is stacked with products that claim to do this. What sets Olympus Labs’ revolutionary Massacar3 apart is that it’s a natural product, formulated with scientifically proven compounds that each serve a critical function in the muscle-building process. Word of warning - this one’s only for the guys, as it contains potent testosterone-enabling chemicals and specific male hormonal compounds.

Customer Reviews

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Easily the best laxo combo product

Unbelievable how this product works!! Great pumps and strength increases.

Ahsaan Swaich
Best natural muscle builder ever

Highly recommended massacr3. I was in a plateau early in the year and couldn’t build muscle and strength. I was really frustrated but when I took massacr3 it all changed, this shit will give you the best pumps ever and crazy vascularity and gains both strength and muscle. If you’re struggling with growing muscle and or strength this is definitely for you.

Olympus Labs - Massacr3

This product is amazing! I've been taking this Laxogenin product for two weeks now. Initially, you get STUPID pumps!!! If you have any joint pain, use this! It's like your joints are lubricated, and the pain goes away. My strength has started to pick up also. I can't wait until I see some results with muscle growth further down the track. I highly recommend this product, and SpartanSuppz for their awesome customer service!

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