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Optimum Nutrition Lean Gains Stack

Optimum Nutrition

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What is the Optimum Nutrition Lean Gains Stack?

The Optimum Nutrition Lean Gains Stack is a combination of the following 2 products:


Optimum Nutrition Isolate is a fantastic, fast digesting and gluten free protein source to help amplify recovery and boost overall protein dietary intake.

When it comes to recovery, an ample intake of protein is necessary to help repair muscle tissue. This increase in recovery will help to stimulate more lean muscle growth, boost metabolic rate & perform better.

If you don't have sufficient protein intake in your diet you'll find it takes significantly longer to recover and DOMS last much longer as well.

Optimum Nutrition have been the worldwide leader when it comes to protein, most infamously known for their Gold Standard 100% Whey, so you know Isolate will not disappoint.

Each serve of Optimum Nutrition Isolate is incredibly clean and will give you the following breakdown of nutrients:

  • 25g of Protein
  • 3g of Carbohydrate
    • 1g of Sugar
  • 1g of Fat

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate should be a staple in all supplement programs for those who undertake resistance training.

Creatine is one of the most tested & scientifically proven supplements to increase strength, power & lean muscle mass. Creatine is your bodies main source of fuel for activities that are explosive by nature. This includes sprinting, lifting weights, punching, kicking etc. 

If your goal is to lift more weight, jump higher, sprint quicker, then supplementing with creatine is a must.

Optimum Nutrition also use one of the highest quality forms of Creatine Monohydrate on the market by choosing to use the patented Creapure version.



For best results mix 1-2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Isolate in 400ml cold water first thing in the morning and again post-workout. This can also be taken before bed if you need to increase your daily protein intake.

For Creatine, we recommend women taking 5-10gm & men taking 10-15gm daily.


This is $119.95 for 154 servings making it $0.78/serve.


To take your recovery to the next level, we recommend supplementing with BCAA's during your training. BCAA's help to kickstart muscle repair and protein synthesis, while enhancing hydration. Redcon1 Breach is one of our favourites at Spartansuppz.