PB+ Powdered Peanut Butter by Macro Mike

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Marco Mike PB+ Powdered Peanut Butter

- High protein low fat

- Vegan-friendly

- Gluten and dairy-free

- Suitable for cooking

- Lower calories than conventional peanut butter

What is Macro Mike PB+ Powdered Peanut Butter?

Macro Mike PB+ is a must-have for all the Peanut Butter addicts out there. PB+ is high in protein, low in fat, and comes in a range of delicious flavours Made from the highest quality of plant-powered protein with Macro Mike signature roasted peanut flour.

This powdered peanut butter is suitable for cooking as well as being mixed into protein shakes or other desired snacks, making it a very versatile product.

Key ingredients

Peanut flour, Pea protein, Brown rice protein, Coconut Flower Nectar, Coconut Milk Powder, Natural Flavours, Guar Gum, Himalayan Rock Salt, Stevia.


To make your PB+ simply add 1 serving to 20-25mls of water, and stir until desired consistency!

Add it to protein shakes, smoothie bowls, pancakes, waffles, granola and everything in-between. The possibilities are endless!

Who would benefit from this?

This is ideal for people looking for a lower-calorie peanut butter option and for those looking to increase their total daily protein intake.

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