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Pharma Fuel BCAA Fuel

Pharma Fuel BCAA Fuel

Pharma Fuel

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Pharma Fuel BCAA Fuel

Pharma Fuel BCAA is a high quality branched chain amino acid supplement designed to increase protein synthesis and recovery.The added glutamine in this product will also help to boost your immune system which takes a beating during training.

This uses proven ratios and proper clinical doses. This means your body gets exactly what it needs while you train.

Amino acid compete for absorption so getting the right ones in the right amounts is critical.

When do I take it?
The best time to take this product is during training. Mix 1 serve of Pharma Fuel BCAA in 500-1000ml water and sip on this while you train.

How will this product benefit me?

This will increase protein synthesis in the muscle and provide precious nutrient to prevent muscle breakdown and enhance recovery and muscle tissue repair.

Products this works well with:
For best results you may consider stacking this with a good WPI post-workout such as Pharma Fuel WPI