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Spartans Polyester Gym Belt

  1. What is it? This is a Polyester Lifting Belt
  2. How do I use it? Wrap it around your waist, pull the fastening strap through the buckle and press the velcro down
  3. Who is this for? Anyone can use a lifting belt, however, this style is more suited for someone taking part in a powerlifting style training program!

Key Features:

  • 3mm thick and 10cm wide
  • One-piece design, no assembly!
  • Lightweight Polyester Construction
  • Heavy-duty steel tensioning buckle
  • Large, High-quality velcro securing system

Our Polyester Gym Belt was designed for those starting to see good progress in their weightlifting journey!

As you get stronger and become capable of lifting heavier weights, it is so important to protect yourself - this is where a Belt comes in, it provides something sturdy to brace against while you squat/bench/deadlift etc.

This bracing stabilises your torso, protecting your spine!


Take a measurement around your waist, directly over your belly button
The measurement you have should fit in the middle of one of the size ranges, allowing room for adjustment tighter or looser.

eg. If the measurement is 90cm, you will want a Medium size belt as it falls right in between 85 and 100cm

Small: 75-90cm

Medium: 85-100cm

Large: 98-120cm

Why use a lifting belt?

A lifting belt is used to help generate more core strength and stability when lifting, it is going to provide a stable surface to brace against, resulting in a more stable core than simply bracing without a belt.

How do I use it?

There is a little bit of a technique to using your belt effectively, this will not simply "hold you together" while wearing it!

With your belt on, take a deep "belly breath," bracing your belly down and outwards into your belt.

With your belt on at the correct tightness, you will feel a physical barrier to push against when bracing.

Who can use this belt?

While lifting belts can be used by anyone in the gym, we do recommend that you learn proper bracing techniques and apply them to your training without a belt first, then as you become stronger and begin to lift heavier weights, then add this Belt to your arsenal!

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