Polyester Gym Belt by Spartans Apparel

Colour: Black
Size: S
$33.95 $39.95


Spartans Polyester Gym Belt

This is a heavy-duty polyester gym belt. Wrap it around your waist, pull the fastening strap through the buckle and press the velcro down for protection to your back and mid-section while training!


  • 3mm thick and 10cm wide
  • One-piece design, no assembly!
  • Lightweight Polyester Construction
  • Heavy-duty steel tensioning buckle
  • Large, High-quality velcro securing system

Our Thoughts

Our Polyester Gym Belt was designed for those starting to see good progress in their weightlifting journey! As you get stronger and become capable of lifting heavier weights, it is so important to protect yourself - this is where a Belt comes in, it provides something sturdy to brace against while you squat/bench/deadlift etc. This bracing stabilises your torso, protecting your spine!

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