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Primeval Labs Elite Female Recomp Stack

Primeval Labs

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As the name suggest this stack has been designed to be the ultimate product combination to help get you into shape.

This has been designed specifically for females looking to hold onto/build lean muscle while losing body fat.

 Primeval Labs know a thing or two about making great products and we've selected the best ones for you to achieve your goals.

Guys you could still use this stack as it's excellent for getting into shape!

It is made of 3 distinct products:

Primeval Labs Super Cardarine

This is a unique compound which turns your body into a fat melting machine.

This binds to the PPAR receptor which increases gene expression involved into the expenditure of energy.

In simple terms it signals your body to burn more body fat and calories throughout the day.

It also works to increase HDL (good cholesterol) and decreases LDL (bad cholesterol).

This induces the very same response on your metabolic rate as exercise so is fantastic for getting into shape faster.

The other benefit of super cardarine is its ability to increase endurance. You'll have more power to go harder for longer which further fuels the process of losing body fat.

Primeval Labs Super Laxo

This is a very powerful plant based ingredient which actually doesn't interfere with hormonal levels.

This means Super Laxo is suitable for use by both guys and girls and can be used for longer periods of time.

The real standout of this powerhouse ingredient is that it increases protein synthesis by up to 200%!

Protein synthesis is the amount of dietary protein/amino acids you can utilise and turn into lean muscle mass. The higher your rate of protein synthesis the faster you grow!

It also has a positive effect on controlling cortisol levels and inflammation which promotes faster muscle recovery.

Being non-hormonal this has no effect on testosterone levels, is safe for use for females and requires no PCT at all.

Super Laxo makes a great lean gain supplement for increase muscle size/strength while staying lean.

Primeval Labs Super Rhanderol

Rhanderol is a unique naturally occurring compound which is a real powerhouse when it comes to muscle building and strength.

It exhibits anabolic properties like increasing protein synthesis, increase glucose absorption and gene express. In basic terms this means it works wonders for improving recovery and promoting muscle growth and strength.

The other 'side effect' of Rhanderol is that it is excellent for increasing strength in training. Weights will start feeling lighter and you'll be able to lift more weight for more reps to stimulate more muscle mass.

All of the good and none of the bad. This is also non-hormonal so safe for both guys and girls.

These three compliment each other to make a comprehensive arsenal to get you into shape quickly while retaining maximum muscle/strength.


Cardarine: Take 1 capsule in the morning at breakfast and another before your workout.

Super Laxo: Take 1 capsules 3 x daily with food.

Super Rhanderol: Take 2 capsules in the morning at breakfast and another before going to bed of an evening.

This stack can be taken in this fashion for 8 weeks before taking a break for at least 4 weeks. This stack taken like this provides enough product for 2 x 8 week cycles.


This stack is $319.95 and has 620 total serves making it $0.50/serve.


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