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Primeval Labs Epitone

Primeval Labs

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What is Primeval Labs Epitone?

Primeval Labs Epitone is a powerful natural muscle building supplement.

This harnesses the natural muscle building properties of epicatechin to inhibit myostatin and unlock your true growth capacity!

Myostatin acts as a genetic limiter on muscle growth which really sets a limit on the rate of growth and maximum size of a given muscle group.

Epicatechin elevates follistatin which inhibits myostatin and raises the genetic limiter!

Primeval Labs haven't done this by halves with this product!

This has been super dosed with the maximum amount of Epicatichen so you get the optimal benefits and progress from the product.

You also have a high dose of green tea extract. This is very high in anti-oxidants and catichens which enhance the effect of the epicatechin for better results.

These two compounds work in synergy with one another to enhance the muscle building benefits.

This product is also 100% non-hormonal. It does not alter testosterone/estrogen levels which makes it suitable for both guys and girls to use.

Being non-hormonal also makes this suitable to take for longer periods of time and to be stacked with a test boosting compound. 

Every serve also utilises a clinical dose of cissus quadrangularis. Not only is this excellent for reducing inflammation and healing joints it's also an excellent muscle building compound. 

Primeval Labs have gone a step further with this product and introduced liposomal delivery. These work to protect the raw ingredients so they can't be broken down by the bodies enzymes and you get maximum results. If you've used a similar dose of this compound before you'll notice a much more pronounced effect from taking the Epitone by Primeval Labs.

Some research on this delivery system have shown up to a 1500% increases in bioavailability!


For best results take 2 capsules of Primeval Labs Epitone alongside you pre-workout meal. On non-training days this is best taken in the evening before bed.

We'd recommend taking this product for 8 weeks then taking a break for 4 weeks.


This product is $109.95 and 60 serves making it $1.83/serve. 


For a complete lean muscle building stack combine this with Super Laxo.This is one seriously powerful muscle building product which is suitable for both guys & girls.

This is suitable to be taken alongside Primeval Labs Epitone.