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Primeval Labs Female Cutting Stack - Spartansuppz

Primeval Labs Female Cutting Stack

Primeval Labs

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What is the Female Cutting Stack?

Ladies - have you ever wanted to take muscle building products but have been worried about the potential negative side effects? Ever taken high energy fat burners and felt sick or jittery? If you have, then we highly recommend trying out the all new Female Cutting Stack from Primeval Labs.

Here's what you get:

1 x Epitone 

Epitone is the all new, non-hormonal anabolic from Primeval Labs. 1 of the best things about this product is it's versatility between both genders, it is completely safe for both men and women to use. 

The real standout with all Primeval Labs products is the ingredients and the dosages used. Here is what makes up Epitone:

  • Epicatechin 300mg - One of the hottest ingredients of 2016. Epicatechin is naturally found in Cocoa & preliminary studies have shown great benefits for muscle building, increasing Nitric Oxide production & improving blood flow to the brain.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ) 300mg - An interesting compound that has been used in traditional medicine for generations. Most commonly known for its joint health, CQ has also been shown to have great benefits for increasing bone growth rate. This is great for women to supplement with, especially around times of menopause due to bone fragility.
  • Chromium 200mcg -  An essential mineral that helps to regulate insulin in the body. It is commonly used to increase insulin activity in the body which helps to improve nutrient delivery and muscle building capabilities.
  • Green Tea Extract 300mg - A powerful natural anti oxidant that has great benefits for general health. It has great fat burning properties, along with supporting liver health.
  • Piperine 25mg - Great for increasing the bioavailability and absorption of all the ingredients listed above. 

1 x Pyretic

Pyretic is the complete, non stimulant based fat burner from Primeval Labs. Traditionally, fat burners are loaded with as many stimulants and energy producing ingredients as they can fit in the tub. Primeval Labs have opted to buck this trend and bring out a safe & effective fat burner for those individuals who train late at night or simply don't like such products. Here is a sample of what's in Pyretic:

  • Acetyl L Carnitine 500mg - Popular and proven fat metaboliser that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria to be burned for energy. Acetyl also helps to cross the blood brain barrier to improve cognition and mental focus. 
  • C3G 125mg - One of the more interesting compounds found in Pyretic. It helps to mobilise fatty acids while maintaining blood glucose/glycogen levels. This is essential, especially when dieting to ensure you still have the energy to perform well during training.
  • ITTP 75mg - Elevates blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the working muscles. This leads to increases in performance during training, leading to greater energy and caloric output.
  • Chromium Picolinate 200mcg - Provides a great range of health benefits, however it has been used in Pyretic for its ability to help stabilise blood glucose levels. When blood glucose levels get low, appetite increases and can cause excessive snacking etc. Think about this as a great appetite suppressant. 

As you can see, this stack encompasses a wide range of not only muscle building & fat burning qualities, but there is also a lot of ingredients that help to promote better overall health. 

Primeval Labs have had optimising performance specifically in mind when formulating these products. 


For best results, we recommend doing to the following protocol:

  • Epitone - Take 2 capsules alongside your pre workout meal.
  • Pyretic - Take 2 capsules in the morning and again before going to bed.


This product is $189.95 and 120 serves making it $1.58/serve. 


For a complete lean muscle building stack combine this with Super Laxo.This is one seriously powerful muscle building product which is suitable for both guys & girls.

This is suitable to be taken alongside Primeval Labs Epitone. 

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Fast and painless service
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Great for inflammation and recovery

One of my favorites, 1 a day is enough to help with inflammation and recovery!!

Olympus Labs - Massacr3

This product is amazing! I've been taking this Laxogenin product for two weeks now. Initially, you get STUPID pumps!!! If you have any joint pain, use this! It's like your joints are lubricated, and the pain goes away. My strength has started to pick up also. I can't wait until I see some results with muscle growth further down the track. I highly recommend this product, and SpartanSuppz for their awesome customer service!


Brilliant product for sustaining recovery/muscle repair/growth..Highly recommended..


Highly recommend! Have been using it now for about 2 weeks and can already notice huge strength gains!



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