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Primeval Labs Gray Matter

Primeval Labs

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What is Primeval Labs Gray Matter?

Primeval Labs Gray Matter is a mental focus and productivity supplement.

Primeval Labs haven't done this by halves with this product!

We live in a fast paced society where speed is everything.

We also demand for our brains and bodies than ever before.

Gray Matter is designed open your mind and increase your mental capacity.

A very small amount of our brain is actually utilized on a daily basis. Gray Matter helps you tap into your mental potential and get the most out of life.

Each ingredient in this product has been carefully selected with a specific role in mind.

Every compound has also been carefully dosed and planned to ensure they compliment one another to provide the optimal synergy/results.

Better cognition,faster recall, enhanced memory and increased mental focus are the primary benefits of this product. 

Relying on energy drinks and fat burners to get you through the work day is not ideal. This is the formula you need to stay energized, feel good and get busy whatever your work may be.

When you use this product you will find you have a clean, long lasting energy and mental focus.

Stay focused on the task at hand, power through the work and do it better than ever before.

If you're job involves anything that has a mental element to it then this product can take your performance to the next level.

No jitters, no crash just clean, focused energy and productivity.

Get the edge over the competition, open your mind and unlock your mental potential from the very first serve.



This can be taken anytime when you need a boost in energy/mental focus. We'd recommend taking 1 serve in the early afternoon to power through your afternoon work/study.


This product is $99.95 and 30 serves making it $3.33/serve. 


For a complete lean muscle building stack combine this with Super Laxo.

This is a non-hormonal muscle building supplement that increases protein synthesis up to 200% so you can train harder and recover faster. 

This is a very versatile supplement suitable to anyone so compliment Primeval Labs Gray Matter perfectly.

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