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Primeval Labs Pre Workout Stack

Primeval Labs Pre Workout Stack

Primeval Labs

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What is the Primeval Labs Pre Workout Stack?

The pre-workout stack is a complete product combo from Primeval Labs to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to train hard,perform better and get a crazy pump!


This is a combination of the pre-workout supplements:

1 x Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush 30 Serves:

This is your high energy performance boosting product. With proven doses of performance boosters such as beta-alanine and agmatine you'll be powering through your workout.

Adrenal also has a comprehensive energy and focus blend. 

Each serve has 250mg of caffeine which is a great amount for increasing energy,alertness and improving physical performance.

Primeval have also included hordenine and synephrine to get you really dialled in and in the zone to channel the energy into the workout.

You'll feel this kick in really fast and if you drink in before you leave for the gym you'll be ready to kill it when you arrive!

1 x Primeval Labs Engorge 30 Serves:

This is a non-stimulant nitric oxide based pre-workout supplement. It has been formulated to increase physical performance,cellular hydration and induce crazy muscle pumps without any stimulants.

Here's what's in it:

Citrulline Malate 3000mg: Not only is this a powerful booster of nitric oxide levels but citrulline is also excellent for promoting muscular endurance and this is a monster dose.

Taurine 3000mg: Excellent for muscular endurance and performance taurine also works to keep the cells hydrated and working well throughout the workout.This super high dose is going to produce maximum increases in cell hydration and endurance.

Glycerol Monosterate 2000mg: Glyercol is a very effective cell volumiser. This means it brings nutrients into the cell and keeps the muscle hydrated. Great for improving cell function and helping to partition other nutrients for better results. It also provides a very full,dense pump in the gym.

Agmatine Sulfate 1500mg: Powerful nitric oxide boosting ingredient agmatine widens the blood vessels to deliver significantly more blood flow to the muscles. This means better pumps/nutrient delivery and faster removal of toxins. 1500mg is double what is considered an effective dose so the pumps are extreme!

Beta Vulgaris 500mg: This is beet extract which increases nitrate production for another pathway to increase nitric oxide production.This ingredient also improves blood flow to the brain for better recovery.

L-Norvaline 200mg: A fantastic compliment to agmatine this amplifies the effect of nitric oxide boosters by inhibiting arginase which kills muscle pumps!

Vitamin C 100mg: Aside from being a very important essential vitamin for immune health vitamin c also enhances the absorption of other nutrients for maximum effect..

The combination of these two means you have a comprehensive and versatile pre-workout stack.

You can take both for those bigger chest or back workouts. You can go with just the Adrenal Rush for strength based workouts or just the Engorge for a late night arm pump!


For best results results mix one scoop of each product in the Primeval Labs Pre-Workout Stack together in 400ml water 15-30 minutes pre-workout.

Adrenal Rush is a high energy pre-workout so we'd recommend starting out with half a serve of the product to asses your tolerance


Primeval Labs Engorge is $124.95 and 60 serves making it $2.08/serve. 


This pre-workout stack is very complete but to really round out your workout stack you should be using a high quality intra-workout recovery supplement. For this you can't go passed Intracell 7 from Primeval Labs. Everything you need to fuel performance & recovery in a single serve.