Primeval Labs Primalog

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What Is Primeval Labs Primalog?

Primeval Labs Primalog is a unique and extremely powerful Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA).

The role of a GDA is to increase insulin sensitivity and improve the use of carbohydrates in the body.

Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, even more so then testosterone! It plays a vital role in nutrient storage and how carbohydrates are used in the body. Individuals who are more "insulin sensitive" utilise carbohydrates far more effectively than those that are "insulin resistant" and as a result store far loss body fat.

When it comes to carbohydrates, they can either work for you or against you. Primalog is seriously loaded with ingredients to help improve insulin sensitivity to make sure carbohydrates are working in your favour by storing them in skeletal muscle and using them for energy.

Apart from the obvious benefits of weight/fat loss, Primeval Labs Primalog will have you performing and recovering far greater with insulin helping to shuttle all essential nutrients into muscle cells.

We aren't joking when we say this is one seriously loaded GDA with it requiring you to take 7 capsules to get their recommended dosages.

Primeval Labs Primalog is best taken pre workout with a meal consisting of at least 50g of Carbohydrates. This will allow Primalog to work best and deliver a seriously skin splitting pump while training.

If you are looking for a product to take your training, recovery and recomposition goals to the next level, then look no further then Primeval Labs Primalog.

How Do I Take Primeval Labs Primalog?

For best results take 7 capsules (1 serve) with at least 50g of Carbohydrates, 15-20 minutes before training.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is $109.95 and 30 serves making is $3.67 a serve.

Should I Take Anything Else With It For Best Results?

If you are a male and are looking to take your recomposition goals to the next level, try stacking this alongside Primeval Labs Neanderthal. This complete male health product will increase testosterone, decrease estrogen and have your hormones functioning at their best.

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