Primeval Labs Workout Ensemble

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Primeval Labs Workout Ensemble

Part of looking good is feeling good and you're going to feel all kinds of good with this ensemble from Primeval Labs and Spartansuppz.

This combines the Primeval abs Colab tri-blend with the ever popular Spartans cut-off shorts.

 These shirts are super soft,fit perfectly and you'll look forward to training in them every workout.

Being a tri-blend material they're only very comfortable but maintain their shape very well so you have something that will look and stand the test of time.

The Spartans cut off shorts are designed specifically for training.

Typical sports shorts have been designed for running and field sports, but don't really serve the purpose we need in the gym.

These are a soft blended material that moves with your body and doesn't stick to your legs.

This makes them ideal for training any body part of even squatting and deadlifting.


Spartans shorts are kept classic and simple with the Spartans Crew emblem print on the leg leg.

The Colab Shirt has the bold print on the back.

The front of the shirt features the Primeval Labs logo and the slogan print Second to None. 

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