Push Up Sling Shot by Mark Bell

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Colour: Grey
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Pushup Sling Shot by Sling Shot

Pushup Sling Shot by Sling Shot is a premium pushup training tool, designed to teach form and technique and encourage safe, effective pushups. Part of Sling Shots range of high-quality training accessories, Pushup Sling Shot uses level one tension making it a great support for pushups, dips, and other bodyweight exercises, as well as a useful training tool when it comes to dumbbell or barbell exercises. The best part? The Pushup Sling Shot encourages tight form and safe usage, keeping you injury and pain-free.


  • Entry level premium training aid
  • Supports pushups and bodyweight movements
  • Teaches effective technique
  • Durable, breathable fabric design

Our Thoughts

When it comes to building strength and muscle definition in the upper body, pushups go a long way. But not everyone performs the movement effectively - in fact, most of the pushups you see around the gym are subpar and not engaging full muscle response. The Pushup Sling Shot allows you to get more out of pushups and other bodyweight exercises like dips, so you get full strength and muscle response, improved technique, and a better training experience overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Sling Shot by Mark Bell has been famously known for his powerlifting background and influence on the fitness industry. Back in 2010, he released the first-ever slingshot which allowed users to perfect and progressively overload their bench press.

Fast-tracked to now Mark Bell has created a huge lineup of products to help athletes improve and take their training to new heights. The Push-Up Sling Shot was purposefully designed to help users perform proper and effective pushups.

Push Up Sling Shot uses level 1 tension meaning it can be great for...

- Bodyweight exercise such as dips, pushups and other variations

- Weight Pressing Movements such as bench press, incline press and other dumbbell variations

The Push Up Sling Shot by Mark Bell is a must-have for any looking to improve form, increase strength and improve a not only their push-ups but all variations of in an effort to get stronger.

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