Push Up Sling Shot by Mark Bell

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Push Up Sling Shot by Mark Bell

  • Push up with no pain
  • Allows Progressive overload
  • Teaches Perfect Technique

Sling Shot by Mark Bell has been famously known for his powerlifting background and influence on the fitness industry. Back in 2010, he released the first-ever slingshot which allowed users to perfect and progressively overload their bench press.

Fast-tracked to now Mark Bell has created a huge lineup of products to help athletes improve and take their training to new heights. The Push-Up Sling Shot was purposefully designed to help users perform proper and effective pushups.

Push Up Sling Shot uses level 1 tension meaning it can be great for...

- Bodyweight exercise such as dips, pushups and other variations

- Weight Pressing Movements such as bench press, incline press and other dumbbell variations

The Push Up Sling Shot by Mark Bell is a must-have for any looking to improve form, increase strength and improve a not only their push-ups but all variations of in an effort to get stronger.

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