R1 MCT Keto by Rule 1

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R1 MCT Keto by Rule 1

When following a ketogenic, or simply a low carbohydrate diet, there are often times where overall energy and mental focus may drop - this is quite normal as our bodies adjust to the diet but still impacts our day to day lives!

This is where medium-chain triglycerides or MCT’s can become a great tool, these are fatty acids that are easily digestible and get straight down to the cells and are more likely to be used as a fuel source instead of being stored! This gives us the ability to have a fast-acting source of energy on hand when we do hit those low energy points - allowing us to keep that momentum and make the most of each day!

Key Features

  • High-quality MCT powder
  • Suitable for Keto Diet
  • Provides fast-acting energy

Our Thoughts

This is a great product to work into the diet of anyone following a ketogenic/low carbohydrate diet, it’ll be perfect to have at the ready when we need that little boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?
This product is an MCT oil supplement

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?
Stack this alongside R1 BHB Keto for another carbohydrate-free energy source - this also has added electrolytes to keep us hydrated!

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