R1 Multi Source Collagen by Rule 1

Size: 30 Serves
Colour: Unflavoured
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Rule 1 R1 Multi Source Collagen

  • Four collagen sources
  • Five collagen types
  • Joint health
  • Hair, skin and nail health

Collagen is an important protein used throughout the body, it is the primary structural protein and contributes greatly to the strength and health of our hair, skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage as well as many other areas!

Rule 1 has given us a really easy way to top up our collagen stores and keep our bodies looking, working and moving healthily and with ease of use, comes a higher likelihood of us taking it consistently.

Like many things, not all collagen sources are created equally, that's why Rule 1 makes use of four separate collagen sources - each contains different amounts of each collagen type, which all affect our bodies slightly differently.

Key Ingredients:

Hydrolysed bovine hide collagen: Helps promote healthy skin and bones

Hydrolysed fish collagen: Helps to promote healthier joints and connective tissue

Final Thoughts

R1 Multi Source Collagen is a great source of collagen as Rule 1 has taken the time to make sure we are getting sufficient amounts of each type per serve by using a range of sources - this allows us to reap all the benefits collagen has to offer!

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