Recov Bi Peptides by Future Supplements

Size: Single Pack - 180 Tablets - 45 Servings
Flavour: Unflavoured
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Recov Bi Peptides - The Ultimate Recovery Formula

Recov Bi Peptides by Future Supplements are an ultra-concentrated protein tablet designed to have you performing, and recovering, to your full potential. Formulated from 100% premium plasma protein, Recov Bi Peptides are pre-digested for super-fast absorption, meaning they serve as an immediately available protein source before, during or after a heavy session.

Unlike other protein sources, Recov Bi Peptides put zero strain on the digestive system meaning they’re suitable for almost all athletes.

This makes it an ideal protein source around training times as you have all of the benefits from traditional protein sources without any cooking/cleaning and digestive issues. 

This is like a protein powder, but already in the ideal format and doesn't require any additional digestion to be used by the body for repair. 

The biggest thing holding us back from huge muscle growth and repair is recovery. This product solves to the bottleneck by giving the body all of the essential amino acids it needs to grow, repair and recover faster. 

Features of Bi Peptides

  • The unique combination of 20 amino acids
  • Pre-digested peptides for immediate absorption
  • Take full advantage of the post-training anabolic window
  • Completely non-allergenic and non-GMO
  • Rapid absorption so you can recover faster in between workouts
  • Works on all tissues-muscles, hair, skin and nails 

How to use Recov Peptide

For best results it's recommended to take one serving (6 tablets) before and after your training session. This creates the ideal environment to maximise muscle recover and take advantage of the post-workout anabolic window. 

Our Thoughts on Recov Bi Peptides

It’s hard to find a product that is as fast-acting and ultra-clean as Recov Bi Peptides. Manufactured in the European Union under the strictest quality standards, Recov Bi Peptides are an advanced alternative to traditional protein supplements. Because they’re incredibly easy to consume, and even faster to digest, Recov Bi Peptides are the perfect post-workout recovery supplement - minimises muscle pain and injury and maximising training results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
These are protein concentrate tablets, they're pre-digested, allowing them to be absorbed into the body extremely quickly.

How do I use it?
Simply take 4 tablets a day, 2 prior to training and 2 afterwards.

Who is this for?
Recov Bi-Peptides can be utilised by anyone that follows a training program! This will allow you to optimise your recovery periods and get your body repaired asap.

Recov is unique in using only 100% plasma protein (serum albumin) to create a powerful protein concentrate that has been used for decades in the medical industry to heal, recover and strengthen patients and pro athletes.

Why take Recov?
This may want to be included in your supplement regime if you really want to optimise your recovery and/or muscle growth!

How do I take it?
Take 4 tablets daily, 2 Pre-Workout and another 2 Post-Workout for optimal results!

Who can take Recov?
Everyone! If you're into any form of exercise, this can be a great tool to utilise and help level up your recovery.

Does it have any side effects?
Recov is all-natural so side effects are highly unlikely, following the recommended doses is always recommended - please consult a health professional if you notice any adverse effects.

Should I take anything else for the best results?
To ensure you're getting the most from your training sessions, we would recommend a pre workout - the combination of a good pre-workout and Recov Bi-Peptides would ensure you're training at an optimal level as well as optimising your recovery periods

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