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Protein Mousse by Red Dragon

Red Dragon Protein Mousse is a tasty casein-based protein mousse. Packed with slow-release casein protein energy, Protein Mousse is a delicious alternative to sugary, fatty desserts and high-calorie sweet snacks. With added MCTs and dietary fiber, Protein Mousse is a macro-friendly treat that is as easy on your digestion as it is on your diet.


  • 25g protein per serve
  • Slow-release energy for easy digestion and absorption
  • Low in fat and carbohydrate
  • Supports muscle growth and recovery

Our Thoughts

Red Dragon Protein Mousse is an amazing before-bed supplement that will allow your body to repair, recover and build muscle while you sleep. With readily available amino acids and a hefty vitamin count, Protein Mousse is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth without comprising diet goals. And because it’s formulated with casein, it’s packed with slow-release energy which will keep you feeling fuller all day long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Red Dragon has come to the party with a new Casein based protein mousse for those who are training and dieting to maintain a healthy lifestyle but still love a good dessert!

They have formulated Mousse, a protein that will give you a solid 25g of protein, only 1.9g of fat and only 6.3g of carbohydrates and can be mixed into a smooth dessert and will keep you fuller for longer.

This is an ideal product to take before a period where you are not going to be getting much or any food at all such as, first thing before a busy day or some time before bed. As the Casein protein digests slowly and keeps you feeling full, it’s great for those wanting to reduce their overall calorie intake.

Key Ingredients:
Casein Protein: 
This is a slow-digesting protein. Since it is broken down so much slower, it is able to keep your body supplied with amino acids for up to 7 hours.

This is great taken before bed as this is when our bodies are growing and recovering - keeping a good supply of amino acids really helps optimise recovery.

MCT’s: These are a great source of fatty acids that help boost mental focus, control appetite and fat utilisation.

Final Thoughts
This is a great tasting protein for those on a diet with a lower calorie intake, it’ll help you feel fuller and help prevent you from snacking during the day, or those who love a good dessert but want to swap it out for something a little healthier.

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