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What is Redcon1 Assault Stack?

The Redcon1 Assault Stack combines three hard hitting Redcon1 supplements.

Here's what you get in the stack:

1 x Redcon1 Total War 30 serve

Total War has been designed as a complete pre-workout experience.

You'll have tunnel vision mental focus and the performance boosting ingredients to push yourself to the next level.

Clinically dosed citrulline malate and beta-alanine provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform better in the gym and crush your previous bests.

The cutting edge stimulant blend will have you zoned in and focused to crush whatever is in your path!

 1 x Redcon1 Breach 30 serve

Breach is a complete intra-workout supplement to fuel muscle recovery and endurance.

Using on proven ingredients/dosing this product fuels your body with the nutrition it needs to grow and recover while you train.

BCAA's signal the body stop breaking down muscle tissue and start building it back up again. This is exactly what you need while you train and a very important part of the recovery process.

1 x Redcon1 Isotope 30 Serve

Isotope is a pure whey protein isolate. When it comes to protein powders whey protein isolate is the best you can get. It's ultra low in carbohydrates and fat and very high in protein.

WPI is also very fast digesting making it ideal to take around training times and first thing in the morning when your body needs a fast digesting protein source.

Quality is fantastic but the real standout of this product is the flavours

If you've even heard that proteins don't taste that good-this will change that stigma for good!



    The standout of this product stack is how the ingredients compliment one another.

    This stack is designed to help you train hard,signal re-growth then sleep like a baby to ensure maximum recovery.

    This targets the three most important parts of the growth and repair process so you have the help you need to reach your goals faster.


    Mix 1-2 scoops of Breach in 700ml water and sip throughout your workout.

    Mix 1-2 scoops of Isotope in 400ml water first thing in the morning and again immediately post-workout.

    Mix 1 scoop of Total War in 400ml of water pre workout.


    This product is $189.95 and packs 90 total serves making it $2.11/serve.


    If you love pumps this would be ideally to stack with Aftermath. This boost natural testosterone levels so you have the fuel you need to train harder and recover faster.

    It also lowers estrogen so you get a leaner,drier look within just a few days of using it.

    If your goal is fat loss or muscle gain Aftermath can help you reach that destination faster while improving aesthetic look.

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