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Redcon1 Fat Punisher Stack


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What is the Redcon1 Fat Punisher Stack? 

Redcon1 Fat Punisher Stack is a lean muscle support/fat burning stack combining 3 hard hitting supplements:

Here's what you get:

1 x Redcon1 Isotope WPI 30 serve

 When it comes to the best protein source for building lean muscle and promoting recovery whey protein is seen as the king.

More specifically whey protein isolate is the best kind of whey protein.

WPI is naturally very high in protein and also very low in carbohydrates,fat & lactose.

This makes whey protein isolate very fast digesting and high in branches chain amino acids to stimulate muscle recovery.

When you push your body hard in the gym you want to provide it with the fuel it needs to recover as soon as possible. WPI is the ideal choice post-workout as it is very fast digesting and very light on your digestive system as well.

The best thing about Isotope? It tastes AMAZING!

1 x Redcon1 Double Tap 

This is a high energy,hard hitting fat burner. Potent thermogenics and cutting edge stimulants will have your metabolic rate in overdrive shredding up extra calories and tapping into stubborn body fat.

This provides a clean,long last energy that will provide a feel good fat burning effect for hours. It also doubles as a great pre-workout pick me up to burn more body fat while you train.

1 x Redcon1 Aftermath 30 serve

This is the perfect supplement for helping get into shape. 

It uses a powerful anti-aromatase to increase free testosterone while decreasing estrogen. This provides the optimal environment for both building lean muscle mass and losing body fat.

It also has a proven dose of laxogenin. This is a non-hormonal muscle builder that can boost protein synthesis up to 200%!


    For best results mix 1-2 scoops of Redcon1 Isotope in 400ml water first thing in the morning with breakfast and again immediately post-workout.

    Double Tap is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach and can also be used as a pre-workout but start out with just 1 serve per day at first.

    Take 1 serve of Aftermath before going to bed of an evening.


    This product is $209.95 and packs 100 total serves making it $2.10/serve.


    If you love pumps this would be ideally to stack with Redcon1 Total War as your pre-workout. This will have you powering through your workout and assaulting the weights with great focus & intensity.