Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL

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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL


King Mass XL is a high calorie mass gainer from Ronnie Coleman Signature Series.

This uses a time release protein blend to keep your body sustained with muscle building nutrients for longer.

It also has high quality carbohydrates and digestive enzymes in every serve to help you break down and absorb the nutrients in the product.

There are two things that are absolute essential for gaining size-enough protein and enough total calories. This helps you to achieve both of those factors with quality nutrient sources. Easy to mix and digest means getting in those extra nutrients is easy.

This is designed by people who actually use the product. That means you get quality and practicality. This uses a smaller scoop making it much more convenient and versatile for everyone. Easy to mix in a shaker and option to alter the serving size with ease.

Add some creatine,glutamine and free form amino acids and you have a very effective gainer.

This is not a cheap gainer. It is a high quality meal replacement designed for athletes who demand the best from their supplements. You get what you pay for when it comes to gainers, and this is premium quality.

Quality in for quality gains and progress in the gym.

How do I use it?

We recommend having 1 serve a day split into 2 serves. Take 1/2 serve of King Mass XL in the morning mixed in 400ml water and repeat this in the afternoon post-workout.

How much does it cost?

King Mass is $139.95 and has 27 serves making it $5.18/serve.


For an excellent choice before bed try Pro-Antium. Sustained release for optimal muscle recovery while you sleep.

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