Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder

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Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder

Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder is a high calorie, weight gaining protein powder. Utilising a unique 5:1 carbohydrate: protein ratio, LBS provides your body with the nutrients it needs to grow and recover from hard training sessions. LBS is derived from high-quality natural sources and proven 100% free of all banned substances, so suitable for competitive athletes and those who need to avoid certain additives.


  • High-quality mass gainer
  • Added vitamins, minerals and BCAAs
  • 40g protein per serve
  • Ultra-clean, naturally derived formula

Our Thoughts

Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder is designed for those who need to gain mass fast, without relying on tonnes of synthetic chemicals or bulk foods with low nutrient value. One serving of LBS delivers big calories, of course, but also an ultra-clean macro split to support performance athletes and those with serious training or body composition goals. Plus, the high-quality protein sources make it optimal for post-training muscle recovery!

What Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder Do?

Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder is a high-calorie mass gain supplement. This product is both high in protein and very high in carbohydrates to provide fuel for those who find it hard to gain weight. Every serve has 1030 calories which makes it one of the highest calorie mass gainers on the market. If you find it difficult to get enough whole good in, LBS is a great choice! 

When Do I Take Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder?

Take 1 serve of Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder once per day, preferably after training. This is the ideal time to get a fast-acting protein source and a big intake of carbohydrates to help promote recovery. If you find it a lot of digest break the serve up into two half serves and have one in the morning and the other after your workout. 

How Do I Take Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder?

Mix 1 serve of Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder in 300-500ml water and consumer immediately post-workout. This is a big serve to be sure to use a large shaker or even mix it in a blender with some ice for a muscle building shake! You can mix this in milk if you prefer this will add some extra calories and protein to support muscle growth! 

How Much Protein Is In Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder?

There’s 40gm of protein per serve of Rule 1 LBS Protein Powder. This is equivalent to 20gm chicken breast or 6-8 eggs as a reference point. It’s ideal to eat 2-2.5gm/kg of body weight per day to support muscle growth and repair so a high-quality protein powder is a great way to help cover your intake. 

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