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Ryderwear Grip Pads


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Ryderwear Grip Pads

These Ryderwear Grip Pads are designed to be the most comfortable,secure grip aids you’ve ever used.

When training back, or even biceps grip can be a factor. You’re hitting some heavy barbells rows,deadlifts or lat pulldowns,but your grip lets you down. This is a problem when you’re trying to build you back but grip lets you down.

These grips are easy to attach to any bar and will not only help with grip but also protecting your hands.

One size fits all with these and they are easy to get on and train like a beast,

The Ryderwear print is on each grip so you can look good while you train.



One size fits all with an adjustable velcro strap.

Ryderwear Grip Pads receive flat rate shipping for just $9.95 anywhere in the world. Take advantage and stock up!

All Australian addresses receive free postage no matter how big your order is.

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