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Ryderwear Weightlifting Lever Belt

Ryderwear Weightlifting Lever Belt


  • $ 104.95 AUD

Ryderwear Weightlifting Lever Belt

These Ryderwear Lever Belt are designed to keep you safe and strong in the gym.

If you haven’t used one of these before-you should.

These are the same width around the whole belt for optimal strength and safety.

If a belt is smaller at the front that the back-it isn’t ideal for keeping you strong.

 These lever belts also utilise a clip in lever buckle. This means you get a strong secure belt that stays that way throughout the set.

It also means it doesn’t wear out like a normal pin belt.

The 9mm thick design means these are far stronger than a regular gym belt and will last much longer as well.




Large: 32-36

Extra Large: 36+

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