Skywalk XO by Myoblox

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Myoblox Skywalk XO Limited Edition

- Limited Edition formula, flavour and label

- Powerful Nootropic formula

- Unrivalled mental focus and mood-enhancing

- Daily energy and mental endurance

- Get Sh#t done!

What is Myoblox Skywalk XO?

For those of you who know Myoblox, they do multiple Limited Edition series every year. This is where they produce one of their regular products within their range with a once in a lifetime formula, flavour and label and it never comes back. Each tub is hand-numbered by CEO of Myoblox John Foster III. Each of these tubs is an opportunity to experience something very unique, and hold a piece of "Myoblox History" forever.

Skywalk is a nootropic based product, designed to increase your physical and mental energy, as well as improve your mood and mental focus. Everything you need to do more work and function at a higher capacity, without the overload of stimulants. Skywalk is designed to be a smooth ride, with smooth and delicious flavours to compliment.

With this limited edition XO series Skywalk, you are bound to have more productive days than ever before. Myoblox always goes above and beyond with formula and flavour for their limited editions, this won't disappoint...

What are the key ingredients found in Skywalk XO?

Alpha GPC 400mg - Alpha-GPC yielding 50% choline helps to increase cognition, along with showing promising signs for overall brain health. Think of Choline being like a high octane fuel source for your brain, it will perform better and faster.

Kanna 400mg- Traditionally taken prior to stressing events such as hunting (traditional use) for its cognitive effects, Kanna has now made it's way to the supplement industry where it is used for it's anti-anxiety and brain function enhancing capabilities.

Cats Claw 250mg- Highly regarded for it's effects on energy, mood and mental performance, Cat's Claw has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.

RealCaf 200mg- Derived from Non-GMO Green Coffee Beans, this form of caffeine offers a much smoother release of energy and focus within the body. This form of caffeine is designed to be used when a product is aiming to give a a sustained amount of energy and particularly, NOT over stimulate you and NOT give you any crazy "amped up" feeling.

Who is this for and should I take anything else for best results?

Anybody looking to increase their daily energy, mental focus and mood then this is your secret sauce. Can easily pair with a non-stim pre-workout such as Blo or non-stim fat burner like Rubix to provide the ultimate workout combo.

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