Australia Strong Knee Sleeves

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  • $21.95

What are the Sling Shot Australian Strong Knee Sleeves?

Sling Shot Australian Strong Knee Sleeves are the toughest knee sleeves on the market.

These are an extremely limited edition product, exclusive to the Australian market.

If you want to get the most out of your squat without using wraps, this is what you need.

This are a high tensile strength knee sleeve that will provide extra compression and a little extra spring out of the bottom of the squat.

These are still soft and pliable enough to get on and off comfortably and the conform to the shape of your knee.

Knee sleeves are a great training tool as they allow you to train harder,heavier and safely.

These are comparable in strength to a light knee wrap but offer the convenience of being able to be worn throughout the entire workout.

These were tried and tested by the world famous Super Training Gym crew for over a year before they were released.

If you want the strongest knee sleeves on the market to maximise your squat strength, this is the ones you're looking for.


These have been designed for anyone and everyone looking to increase their grip/strength in pulling movements.

They utilise a level 3 neoprene for increase strength out of the bottom of the squat. Lifters can expect 20-50lb increase in their maximum squat once they get used to using these effectively.

These are aimed at the strength athlete looking for the maximum amount of support and strength in the sleeves.

For a lighter general training sleeve check out the Spartan Strong Training Sleeves.