Stretchy Wrist Wraps by Sling Shot

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If you are serious about lifting and haven't heard of Mark Bell's Sling Shot brand you must have been living under a rock. Sling Shot is renowned for producing some of the highest quality lifting accessories to support every need.

The Sling Shot brand has been tried and tested amongst some of the worlds strongest individuals with everyone from strongman Brian Shaw, to fitness celebrities like Dana Linn Bailey & Mike Rashid.

The Sling Shot Stretchy Wraps have been specifically designed to fit the needs of lifters who do not require the rigidness of the likes of Gangsta Wraps but still need some support in their wrists.

The Stretchy Wraps, while still providing support, will still allow you to move through your full range of movement without being inhibited. This makes these wraps perfect for crossfit, olympic lifts and bodybuilding lifts.

Stay safe while training and help prevent injury with the use of these wraps today.

If you are looking for a high quality lifting accessory that you wont need to replace after a few weeks, then look no further than the Sling Shot Stretchy Wrap.