Grippy X Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot

Size: 3XL
Colour: Black
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Grippy X Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot

These sleeves have been strategically designed to be the biggest and baddest knee sleeves available on the market today. Known for producing some of the highest quality training accessories in the world, Slingshot has gone to another level with the innovation and design of the new X Sleeves.

Following on from the success of the STrong Knee Sleeves & Knee Sleeves 2.0, Mark Bell and the team set out to create an even stiffer knee sleeve to help higher-end users to get the most out of their training. The all-new X Sleeve has been reinforced with denim on the front panel to provide minimal stretch, yet maximal support. These sleeves are incredibly stiff and have an added silicone grip lines to prevent them from slipping down while training.


  • Helps protect the knee when squatting
  • Provides warmth and compression
  • Adds additional weight to your squat

Our Thoughts

When used properly, these sleeves can add anywhere from 15-30kg onto your lifts. The Grippy X Knee Sleeves are a reinforced denim/neoprene sleeve that adds significant compression when squatting. These sleeves aren't for the feint hearted and will likely be best utalised by experienced users who are familiar with heavy squats and knee warps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?
These are the stiffest & strongest knee sleeves available on the market.

How Do I Use Them?
These knee sleeves are designed to be only used on heavy training days.

Size Guide

  • Measure around the centre of your knee straight
  • These sleeves are tight and will not "give" much
  • If you have large calves, we recommend going up another size
  • If you purchase the wrong size, they must be returned in their original condition & a re-postage fee applies.


Knee Circumference (Inches)















Can I Use These In Competition?
The Slingshot X Sleeve has currently been approved for USPA sanctioned competitions but is currently pending approval for the IPF Federation.

Customer Reviews

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Jen Zickar
Rock Solid Support

These knee sleeves are incredible. I used them for the first time today after using another leading brand and wow!
I have a problem knee and it’s not felt this good while doing squats, since forever.
The denim like fabric over the front takes the support to the next level over the (excellent) sleeves I was using.
Fitting them is difficult, not gonna lie but worth the effort. This made choosing the correct size a bit more difficult and my advice is to go with the size guide (it’s pretty accurate) and expect them to be a bit more of an effort to get on than what you’re used to.
Marc at Spartansuppz has been an absolute champion helping me get the correct size.
Just get over them not being black and red and try them, you won’t be disappointed and you won’t go back!

Jaksen k daddo

Bloody awesome service, hand written note and some extra freebies in the package! Love my knee, elbow sleeves and wrist wraps! Plus it all came super fast!

Thanks Pat and team!

Georgia Hatziefstratiou

Grippy X Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot

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