Spartans Booty Band Pack

Size: 3 Pack
Color: Variety
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Spartans Booty Band Pack

Are you looking for a convenient way to build your booty and tone your leg muscles from home? Introducing the Spartans Booty Band Pack! This pack contains 3 durable fabric resistance booty bands designed to lift and firm.


  • No rolling, our booty bands are made of a thick durable fabric that avoids slippage and rolling as seen in many low-quality products.
  • One size fits all! Our bands come in 3 different tension levels, and each band is designed to be one size fits all!
  • Ultra-comfortable, not only do they look great, but they are also super soft and comfortable as well!
  • Pack contains 3 Bands, 1x light, medium and heavy-duty (light blue, grey and black).
  • 1 x carry case to transport wherever you go!

Our Thoughts

If you're serious about your training, a product like this is a serious must have! Not only do they lift and tone, but they are also great for using as a warm-up before heavy compound lifts like squats and deadlifts!

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