Spartans Cut-Off Shorts by Spartans Apparel

  • $4.95


These Spartans Cut-Off Shorts have been designed for maximum comfort in and out of the gym.

Spartans Cut-Off Shorts

We’ve had hundreds of requests to expand the Spartansuppz apparel range-we got the message.

This is the first in the shorts range from Spartansuppz.

A light-weight training short that has a soft-feel that moves with you while you train.

These were made for people who lift. Not sports shorts you were to the gym.

Shorts they were custom designed for training in the gym.

Finding clothing that works for hitting the gym isn’t always easy-especially when it comes to shorts.

The Spartans Cut-Off Shorts are the solution you need in your life.

Try them once and you’ll want to wear them every workout and all day long.


This is a light weight cotton blend 250-260gsm.

The blend used gives these a very soft,lightweight feel that breathes well and is extremely comfortable.

As with all our Spartansuppz apparel these were 100% designed and tested in house right here at HQ.

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