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Spartans Lever Power Belt - Spartansuppz
Spartans Lever Power Belt - Spartansuppz

Spartans Lever Power Belt

Spartans Apparel

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Spartans Lever Power Belt


This is the last belt you will ever need.

The Spartans Lever Belt has been over 12 months in the making. It's been tried and tested by the Spartans Crew to ensure it meets our quality standards.

When you're looking for a weight lifting belt, a power belt, specifically a lever power belt is the best there is.

This design uses the same width the entire length of the belt which allows for maximum support and abdominal/core tightness.

The whole reason you wear a belt is to keep tight, having a smaller section at the front of the belt doesn't help with this.

A lever style makes it simple and easy to get your training belt on and off between sets.

This is also fully adjustable so you can tailor it to your exact waist measurement and get the perfect fit for you.



Everything on this belt is custom. Starting with a matt black base the iconic Spartans  head in red along with the logo print in white.

Stand out from the crowd with this bold yet simple design.

You'll also get a custom matt black buckle with the Spartans logo engraved in silver.

This is an extra process but we wanted to ensure these belts not only functioned well, but looked dope.



Extra Small: 24-34inches

Small: 26-37inches



Choosing sizes: we recommend selecting the size where you waist fits the middle ranges of the belt. Lever belts are easy to adjust but best to land somewhere in the middle of the range.

For example if your waist was 32inches a small size would be best to give you some room either side.

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Spun the wheel and got 50% off my belt!

Spartan was suggested to my while looking for a lever belt by a gym friend, started lifting about 18months ago and started to go heavy, went on spartansuppz was offered a promo and got my belt for 50% off! Next day delivery, nice tough thick leather with a solid metal lever buckle, solid construction and gives good support when worn tight and high. Just did my PB deadlift with it on 210kg Thanks Spartansuppz would recommend this product and business.



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