Spartans Red Mini Jugs by Spartansuppz

Size: 1.3L
Colour: Red
$14.95 $16
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Spartans Red Mini Jugs Overview

  1. What Is It? This is a 1.3ltr, BPA free drink bottle
  2. How Do I Use It? This is your convenient water carrier to use all the time.
  3. How Much Does It Cost? This heavy-duty container costs $19.95

Introducing the Spartans Mini Jug.

This 1.3ltr, BPA free drink bottle is perfect for any occasion whether it be training in the gym or just simply having it on you throughout the day.

    These bottles also feature a convenient carry handle, snap shut lid and carry strap.

    Getting your water intake handled for the day has never been easier or more stylish!

    Be sure to grab yourself a high-quality new jug today!

    The Spartan Promise™

    Buy Now - Pay Later

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