Spartans Black Pop Socket by Spartans Apparel

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Spartans Black Pop Socket

Never drop your phone again with this easy to use, Spartans branded pop socket phone accessory!

  1. What is it? This is a Spartans branded custom pop socket
  2. How do I use it?  A pop socket is designed to be attached to the back of your phone to ease use.
  3. Who is this for? This pop socket is perfect for everyone, it makes holding your phone much easier, especially when snapping a selfie!

The Spartans Pop Socket is the perfect phone accessory, capable of mounting on via adhesive to any phone type such as iPhone or Samsung, as well as phone cases with ease. 

Once applied to your phone, you will find many daily phone activities such as scrolling, or taking photos will become a lot easier, and reduce the risk of you dropping and breaking your phone significantly. 

The Spartan Promise™

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