Spartans Shield Tee by Spartans Apparel | Clothing | Spartansuppz

  • $29.95


Want to be part of the Spartans Crew? Pick yourself up one of these Spartans Shield Tee's and start representing in style!

Soft-wash and light weight this fits well and has been designed to be comfortable and suitable in any situation.

Rock it in the gym for a heavy chest workout or even on date night!

These are ideal for training but look equally good outside the gym.

Spartans apparel started with the original design-a single print shirt available in a single colour.

The range has since grown to a big scale and has a wide variety of designs.

Represent in style-the Spartans Shield Tee have been designed for looking boss in and out of the gym.

Just like everything at Spartans-this has been built strong to withstand the rigours of hard training.


The Origin Shield Tee is kept clean and simple. The front has the simple SPARTAN front print.

The back features the all new Spartans shield print.

This gives the perfect blend of comfort,fit and softness.

It also keeps the fit and shape in tact for longer so you have a quality product you can rep for years.

Simple,stylish and most importantly-strong.

Hand printed and 100% Australian designed in house right here at Spartansuppz.