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Steel Supplements Rested Af - Spartansuppz
Steel Supplements Rested Af - Spartansuppz

Steel Supplements Rested AF

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What is Steel Supplements Rested AF?

Steel Supplements Rested AF has been optimised to increase your REM sleep from the supplement company that prides themselves on providing no BS!

Known for not messing around with their products and living the fitness lifestyle to the fullest, Steel Supplements have never previously been available in Australia - until now.

We all know the health benefits of a high quality sleep, but yet due to many differing lifestyle factors, generally everyone's state of sleep is poor at best.

Our growth and recovery all happens outside of the gym so it is important to maximise our sleep to better our chances of optimal recovery. The most vital aspect of sleep is not necessarily the quantity (ie hours) but the quality of sleep.  

While we sleep, there is various "stages" that we go through with the most important being what's known as the REM stage. REM or Rapid Eye Movement is also known as the "dreaming" stage where we are at our deepest point of sleep. At this stage we increase the natural release of growth hormone and promote muscle recovery.

Rested AF has been strategically designed to not only put you in a state to sleep and calm you down, but get you to the REM stage of sleep much faster and for a longer period. This optimises your recovery and will have you performing at your best. 

A common misconception with sleep aid supplements is that they will increase the quantity of hours you sleep. While in some cases this may be true, the goal of a sleep aid is to make 4-5 hours of sleep feel like 8-9 hours.

Steel Supplements Rested AF is highly potent and we recommend starting with half a serve to ensure you dont wake up groggy or with a hangover type feeling.


How do I take it?

Mix 1 scoop of Steel Supplements Rested AF in 400ml water and consume 20-30 minutes prior to sleeping.

It is important to take this product while you are trying to go to sleep, not while watching TV or on your computer.

How much does it cost?

This is $79.95 and packs 30 total serves making it $2.67/serve.

Should I take anything else with this for best results?

Love pumps? Who doesn't right?! Stack this with Steel Supplements Pumped AF for some crazy pumps. This is perfect to be stacked with Steel Supplements Rested AF..

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Good formula.

Purchased Bios3 Xanix

You guys managed to resurrect a product that was discontinued and hook me up! appreciate the help and the great communication! cheers guys!


Awesome product sleeping better since starting use and defiantly feeling more energised in the mornings