Super Greens by Prana ON

Size: 300g
Colour: Original
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Super Greens by Prana ON

Key Features:

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Superfood Blend
  • GMO Free

Super Greens by Prana On is a nutritious superfood blend of 7 potent sprouts, grasses & algae to help cleanse, alkaline & detoxify your body. This broad-spectrum formulation helps to deliver an abundance of health-building anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals in 1 simple serving.

This is also rich in B-Vitamins to help naturally boost energy levels without the reliance on caffeine based substances.

Prana ON Super Greens is an excellent choice to help detoxify your body and keep you feeling energised, inspired & alive!

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