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Vegan + Protein by Macro Mike

Vegan + Protein by Macro Mike is a balanced blend of pea, rice and peanut proteins to deliver a major macronutrient hit without any animal products. With a serious dose of muscle-building protein in every serve, plus a deliciously smooth taste and texture, Vegan + Protein ushers in a new era of plant-based proteins which perform every bit as effectively as their dairy-derived counterparts. 


  • 100% vegan protein powder
  • 25g protein per serve
  • High fibre content for smooth digestion
  • Suitable for ketogenic and low fodmap diets 

Our Thoughts

Plant-based power is taking over the world, and protein powders are one of the biggest battlegrounds. Whey protein usually takes the cake when it comes to taste and texture… Until we tried Vegan + Protein by Macro Mike! Packing the same nutritional punch as dairy alternatives, Vegan + Protein is high in fibre for gut health and has none of that chalky, clumpy texture that many associates with vegan products. It’s everything you want in a protein shake, and nothing you don’t!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Macro Mike Vegan Protein +?
Protein+ is the perfect blend of peanut, pea and rice protein. Macro Mike brings you 25g of complete protein per serve, with 110% texture and taste - a naturally sweet, creamy, completely dairy and gluten-free protein that tastes amazing. 100% natural ingredients, packed full of gut nourishing fibre and better still its suitable for those following a low fodmap or ketogenic diet.

The issue with most other vegan protein blends is they use pea and rice protein as the main ingredients which can create a grainy texture. Macro Mike use peanut protein, which is packed full of fibre, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and has a smooth and creamy texture.

Key ingredients
Peanut protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, coconut flower nectar, coconut milk powder, natural flavours, guar gum, Himalayan rock salt, stevia.

Per 40g serving – 151 cal, 25g protein, 6g carbs (3.7 of which is fibre) 2.9g fat

It’s super easy to make, just mix 1 scoop (40g) with 200-250 mls of water or liquid of choice e.g. almond, rice or coconut milk etc.

We recommend consuming 20 (1/2 scoop) or 40g (1 scoop) in the morning, post-workout or any time you want to boost your protein intake. Mix your Macro Mike protein into your favourite smoothies, oats, yoghurt or use it as a naturally gluten-free, high protein flour for baking.

Who would benefit from this?
Anyone looking to increase their daily protein intake, or looking for a vegan-friendly alternative to protein powder or snack.

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