Vegan Protein Blend by White Wolf Nutrition

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Vegan Protein Blend by White Wolf Nutrition

Vegan Protein Blend by White Wolf Nutrition is a naturally complete pea protein-packed with aminos and superfoods. Derived from non-GMO Belgian peas, extracted to ensure maximum bio-availability, Vegan Protein Blend is sweetened with Stevia so contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners. The White Wolf team have also added an array of essential and non-essential amino acids to aid in the repair and growth of muscle cells - Vegan Protein Blend is basically a blend of performance, strength and muscle gain all fuelled by plants!


  • 100% plant-based protein
  • Fuels fat loss and lean muscle gain
  • Added MCT for improved digestion
  • Non-GMO, no artificial additives

Our Thoughts

The only thing we like better than a great tasting, high-quality protein supplement which fuels exceptional muscle gains… Is one we don’t have to feel guilty about! Because Vegan Protein Blend is totally plant-based, deriving from Belgian pea protein, it comes with all the benefits of whey protein without the associated guilt and or/dietary consequences some people face. Plus, it’s delicious and not at all chalky - the perfect pre-or post-workout fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
White Wolf Nutrition's Vegan protein is a smooth and creamy, naturally complete, quick releasing protein made from non-GMO, superior Belgian golden-yellow peas, extracted through a natural process to ensure maximum bio-availability. It is naturally sweetened using organic Australian stevia and is flavoured with a natural, creamy, caramel combined with a premium Himalayan salt.

This unique formula consists of superfoods, Medium-Chain-Triglycerides (MCT) and a pre-biotic which can assist in digestion, reducing stored body fat and increasing energy levels. We have also added an array of essential and non-essential amino acids to help with the repair, growth and maintenance of healthy cells.

This Vegan protein has been scientifically formulated to provide key nutrients that are essential for people who follow a vegan diet.

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