Redcon1 War Zone Muscle Builder

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Redcon1 War Zone1

Redcon1 War Zone is an innovative natural muscle builder, utilizing Beta Ecdysterone as its main focus to increase lean muscle mass, boost testosterone, and help recomp your physique. War Zone is perfect for anyone who is looking to build extra muscle naturally. The ingredients found in War Zone may help with growing lean muscle mass faster.

War Zone is an innovative formula to promote accelerated muscle growth and recovery. This is an amazing ingredient that has incredible potential to unlock the natural gains you've been looking for.

This is best taken for 2-3 months at a time to maximise results in the gym and allow muscle growth and strength increases to accumulate.

Key Features

  • Promotes increased strength in the gym
  • Helps increase lean muscle growth
  • Triggers muscle protein synthesis
  • Promotes natural muscle-building potential

Our Thoughts

Are looking to speed up your results, and build lean muscle while recomping your physique? If so, War Zone by Redcon1 can help! We're really impressed with this formula, Redcon1 is known for bringing out innovative supplements, and the release of a Beta Ecdysterone product is just that. Try adding it to your stack and see the difference!

Redcon1 War Zone Ingredients

The primary ingredient in War Zone is called beta-ecdysterone. This is a plant-based anabolic compound and when combined with the l-leucine and vitamin d helps to put the body into a muscle-building state.

What is Redcon1 War Zone?

Redcon1 War Zone is a natural Beta Ecdysterone supplement, designed to help increase nitrogen retention in the muscle and increase lean body mass.

Who is this for?
This product is for anyone looking to maximise their results from training and build more lean body mass.



How do I use Redcon1 War Zone?

For best results, we recommend taking Redcon1 War Zone product with a protein-rich meal. Generally, post-workout will yield the best results.

Should I Stack Anything With Redcon1 War Zone For Best Results?

Yes, while Redcon1 War Zone will help with muscle growth, it is non-hormonal which means a good natural testosterone booster should be taken to amplify the results. Redcon1 make a fantastic natural test booster called Boom Stick. You can click here to find out more about it. 

What ingredients are in Redcon1 War Zone?

War Zone contains the following ingredients:

  • Beta Ecdysterone (500mg): Derived from a tropical African plant, this ingredient has been studied to increase lean muscle mass and boost performance.
  • L-Leucine (500mg): An essential amino acid critical for protein synthesis and muscle repair.
  • Vitamin D (40mcg): A natural hormone found in the body that helps support healthy bones and muscle function.

Is Redcon1 War Zone a steroid?

No, Redcon1 War Zone is not a steroid. It is based on an ingredient called beta-ecdysterone which is a plant derived muscle building anabolic ingredient.


Does Redcon1 War Zone increase testosterone?

No, Redcon1 War Zone doesn't effect testosterone levels. This is a non-hormonal product so works on a different pathway and doesn't effect test production.

For this reason you can stack it alongside a test boost such as Redon1 Boom Stick, you can click here to check it out

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