Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone

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Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone

Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid ( or natural anabolic agent) that improves strength and muscle mass.

New to the supplement scene, turkesterone is 100% derived from the Ajuga turkestanica plant, which has long been used as a medicine and sports performance agent because of the benefits it has to athletes’ endurance, recovery, and physical power.

This has been receiving a lot of attention in the media and for a good reason, it works!

This ingredient has been effectively shown to increase protein synthesis and promote increased strength and recovery.


  • Massive 500mg turkesterone per serve
  • Naturally derived anabolic agent
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Anti-stress effects
  • Boosts immunity and stimulates general wellbeing

Our Thoughts

Turkesterone is quickly gaining traction in the bodybuilding community because of the powerful results it generates with little to no side effects.

As a standalone supplement, turkesterone can be utilized to increase strength and power and increase the development of lean muscle mass.

How to take Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone?

Take 2-3 capsules of this product once per day before training. On non-training days you can take your serving in the morning before breakfast.

How much Turkesterone is in this?

There is 500mg per capsule in Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone. For best results take 1-2 capsules per day with food.


How long can I take Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone for?

For best results, it's ideal to take Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone for 8-12 weeks. After this take a break for 4 weeks before starting again. This allows your body and joints a chance to recover and adapt after the recent strength gains. 

Is Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone a steroid?

No, Turkesterone is not a steroid. This is a plant based compound which can be found naturally. The one thing it has in common with steroids is the ability to increase protein synthesis and speed up recovery.

This is why gym goers have really loved this ingredient to promote muscle gain naturally.

What is in Welltech Nutrition Turkesterone?

There is one main ingredient in this product which is called Ajuga Turkestanica Extract. Each serve has 500mg and most people take 1-2 capsules per day to help promote natural muscle growth. 

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