World Record Knee Wraps by Mark Bell Sling Shot

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World Record Knee Wraps by Sling Shot

Designed by some of the top lifters around the globe, the World Record Knee Wraps by Mark Bell Sling Shot are the elite accessory for those looking to squat maximal weight. These are a stiffer design & material than other wraps on the market and will significantly help with driving out of the bottom of a squat.


  • Maximal support with stiffer material during squats, leg press, hack squats, etc
  • Level 4 elastic built to break records
  • Stiff and durable material
  • Sold as a pair

Our Thoughts

The World Record Knee Wraps are designed by world record powerlifters for moving as much weight as possible. Simply put, if you want to squat as much as humanly possible, these are the knee wraps you should be wearing.

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