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Are you searching for an amino acid supplement such as BCAA or EAA to help fuel your workouts and speed up your recovery time?

If so, Spartansuppz has the perfect products for you. We carry a massive range of BCAA's and EAA's containing leucine, isoleucine and valine which are sure to speed up your recovery and rid your body of delayed muscle soreness.

At Spartansuppz, we carry the biggest Default collections at the best prices, such as Core ABC from Core Nutritionals, Beyond BCAA/EAA from EHP Labs and Amino X from BSN. This wide range of amino acid supplements means that you can ensure you will find the right product at the best price to suit your training needs and goals

Spartansuppz's BCAAs – committed to outstanding results

The Spartansuppz team is dedicated to helping our awesome bodybuilding community achieve their fitness goals. As passionate lifters ourselves, we work hard to source only the finest products available on the market, those that will enhance your workout and see you reaching new strength plateaus. With incredible, world-beating labels like Optimum Nutrition, ATP Science, Muscle Nation and much more part of our repertoire, you can trust that when you come to Spartansuppz for your workout products they will help take your fitness routine to new heights.

Benefits of BCAA Supplements

  • Muscle building: Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids that are important for muscle growth and repair. They make up about one-third of muscle protein and can help to promote muscle protein synthesis, leading to increased muscle mass.
  • Reduced muscle soreness: BCAAs can help to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after exercise, allowing you to train harder and recover faster.
  • Weight management: BCAAs can help to reduce muscle loss during weight loss and may also help to increase fat burning, making them a useful supplement for people looking to lose weight.
  • Improved endurance: BCAAs can help to delay the onset of fatigue, allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time and improve endurance.
  • Mood enhancement: BCAAs may help to improve mood and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • How to use BCAA supplements

    BCAA supplements are available in powder and capsule form. The recommended dosage is typically between 5-10 grams per day, taken before, during or after exercise. It is important to note that BCAA supplements should be taken with a source of carbohydrates, as BCAAs require carbohydrates to be effectively utilized by the body.

    A great day to do it is to have a serving of your favourite BCAA supplement while you train and then follow that up with 1-2 scoops of your protein powder and creatine post-workout.

    This is the ideal

    A BCAA powder for everyone

    The Spartansuppz team is always on hand to provide passionate lifters with all the information they need to enhance their workout, build incredible muscle and speed up recovery time.

    We have a wide range of leading Default collections from around the world and the team are here to help ensure you find the right product to suit your individual training goals and needs.