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ATP Science Supplements Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Perth, Canberra, Australia & Online

As the name suggest these guys deal with cutting edge science and research to bring you the best sports supplements.

  1. They believe everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life.
  2. They also believe everyone should be able to control their own health.
  3. This is reflected in the ATP Science product range.
  4. The ‘secret’ to success in health and fitness is quality food and water,hard training and the highest quality supplements to compliment that process.
  5. Providing accurate,science backed information to fuel your training and diet.

ATP Science products have been nominated for numerous supplement awards.

ATP Alpha Venus has also taken estrogen control to a whole new level. This innovative product helps to detoxify estrogen so you yield the required benefits without the side effects that come from it. This translates into less body fat stores,better muscle building and more efficient utlisation of nutrients for recovery.


This is the sort of product innovation you can expect from the team at ATP Science.

Cutting edge science and innovation to bring you the best sports supplements and elevate your training and recovery.

The product range:

Alpha Mars

Alpha Prime

Alpha Venus


T432 Plus

Cort Rx


Block E3

Prototype 8

Amp V






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