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Redcon1 Supplements Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Perth, Canberra, Australia & Online

Redcon1 is a new supplement brand from industry mogul Aaron Singerman.

The supplement industry is littered with giants trying to cling onto market share and new startups trying to cut corners and make a quick dollar.

Founded by Aaron and a team of experts REDCON1 was formulated to ensure consumers get real,hardcore supplements that deliver the results they should.

The motto for the brand is "The Highest State of Readiness". This isn't just a cheesy catch phrase,but the way the entire company is operated.

These products are battle tested and designed to be able to deliver results to the most demanding users.

If you're an elite athlete or an even deployed in the military you demand the most of your body and it's crucial to your survival.

Redcon1 is here to deliver the support you need and sports supplements you can rely on.

With an extensive product range this is a brand that provides everything you need to train hard,perform better and recover faster.

At present the collection of products from Redcon 1 includes:


Aftermath complete post-cycle therapy

Breach intra-workout recovery formula

Clusterbomb high performance carbohydrate

Double Tap fat burner

Double Tap Powder thermogenic fat burner

Fade Out sleep aid

Mental Trigger mental focus agent


Somal-1 lean muscle builder

Somal-4 mass gainer

Somal-Nor strength booster

Total War complete pre-workout

Isotope lean whey protein isolate

Big Noise complete non-stimulant pre-workout

Tango post-workout creatine

HALO natural anabolic

Silencer non stimulant fat burner

Breach Ballistic energized BCAA

Every supplement in the Redcon supplements product range is also 100% transparently labelled. This means you can see exactly what's in every serve and asses if it's any good.

No proprietary blends or under dosing every product and ingredient has been built to support the toughest conditions.

With IFBB Pro Dallas McCarver heading up the male athletes you know this brand is something special. 

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