1. Your role at Spartansuppz?

"My role at Spartan Suppz is, i work in the retail part of the store. So helping customers find the right product to get to where they wanna be and help them along their fitness journey. I also do abit of media content. Instragram, Facebook, and putting together certain videos that we can put across to our consumers."

2. What do you train for?

"So i train more for just the mentality, so being able to just keep pushing myself. So i do alot of muscular endurance training, lot of strength training. Just chopping and changing from week to week, just mixing it up alittle bit. Just to be able to keep pushing the boundaries and keep pushing myself." 

3. How did you get into training?

"So ive always been really into sport, played alot of footy, basketball, cricket ever since i was young. Ive been lifting weights since about year 8 at high school have loved it ever since, doing it about 6-7 days a week. I'm a big one of really being able to push yourself." 

4. Top 3 supplement recommendations?

"My top 3 supplements would be Total War which is just a pre-workout and it just allows you to focus and to be able to push out those extra sets and reps and being able to push the boundaries and build that mentality and be able to achieve more things than you would without it. My second supplement would be just a Rule1 Protein, my favourite is Birthday Cake so ill have that in the morning just in a smoothie or something and just after my workout so i can get my protein needs to where they need to be. My third supplement would be, i have only really just started over the last couple of weeks but it would be Juiced Up by Blackstone Labs. So just being able to get those green's in because i dont actually eat alot of greens even tho my girlfriend is a vegetarian. So just getting in that intake is vital to be able to get the micro nutrients and to be able to stay healthy." 

5. Cheat meal-what's your go to?

"So my favourite cheat meal would be a burger from Grlld, it would be the Almighty. Just a real good feed, it would be really good after a workout. I would just have some chips with some herbed mayo which is just a real love of mine and just a Pepsi Max just to wash it down."

Get in touch with Josh:

E: josh@spartansuppz.com.au

IG: @joshuacullinan