1. Your role at Spartansuppz?

"My role is, i take care of everything sales related. So Sales manager if you wanted to put a title on it. So i need to make sure that all the stores are full of stock, inventory control along with our suppliers domestically. But really dealing with alot of day to day stuff, make sure all the stores are on point, all the guys at HQ in regards to the management of the stores. And also the management of sending the goods and that everything's taken care of basically. So products get to our customers with no dramas at all."

2. What do you train for?

"I basically train for the enjoyment these days, i use to enjoy the Powerlifting style of training but my bodies just beat up. My spine is basically like a piece of spaghetti, so i train for the sake of training and keeping mentally sane essentially. So yeah just having fun and staying in shape and not being to fat."

3. How did you get into training?

"I use to play alot of sports, team sports back when i was younger football, cricket you name it i did it. So i was always some what sort of active. Then as i got older, injuries started to occur so their was alot of rehab sort of stuff and then that just kept growing and growing. When team sports dropped off, work and things picked up. My outlet was my training, and thats how i basically got into it." 

4. Top 3 supplement recommendations?

"My top 3 supplements, there always gonna be sort of like a recovery based or performance based sort of supplement. So number 1, i'm loving EA Max from Primeval Labs, it tastes awesome, its easy to digest helps amplify the recovery in every aspect that i want it to. So i take that multiple times for intra and post workout training. If im not having that, i will have a lean protein shake, so Rule1, Redcon1 - Isotope either of those two. If i had to make a flavour preference, i would say Redcon1 - Isotope is awesome. My third supplement would be sort of like a general health type of product, Juiced Up from Blackstone Labs for general wellbeing and just to keep everything in check. I don't like being sick, so i always make sure that my general health is always on point and yeah that would be my top 3."


5. Cheat meal-what's your go to?

My favourite, well its a bit cliche but would be Grlld. Grlld's one of my favourites, Grlld or Nando's, im not to picky with either of them. If one of them has a special, i will go that. But either of those two, i don't necessary like really shit cheap food. It makes you feel terrible. So still like real food whether or not its Grlld or Nando's, if you wanna go somewhat dirtier, something like Snitz or along the lines of that. As long as its real food, im happy."

Get in touch with Matt:

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